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S8 Nightmare

(Topic created on: 21/05/17 10:51)
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S8 Nightmares[ New ]

Pre-ordered my S8 SM-G950F on 20 March 2017. I received it on 20 April 2017 and the problems started:


(actually the problems started 3 days after pre-order but they were Carphone Warehouse from whom I purchased my S8)



1) Phone would not remain connected to my network supplier. Contacted Samsung and Carphone Warehouse. It is a faulty sim card they said. So requested new sim card from Network provider who said issue was with phone. 


Inserted new sim card same problems. Carphone Warehouse rep looked at phone tweaked settings I came away. Later same problem. Contacted Samsung support person tweaked a few settings via remote. Later same problem. 


Finally I factory reset and that problem resolved.


2) My emails not giving me notifications on arrival. Only knew a email had arrived when I tapped the email icon. Again took the same steps as before (1) with the same results. Backed up data and factory reset problem solved but a tedious way to keep resolving issues.


3) An issue with the Samsung Keyboard. Everything on the Keyboard worked fine at the beginning then all by itself it decided not to work properly.  


The Keyboard in Qwerty has fixed numbers on top row letters on the other rows. A Sym key bottom left in line with spacebar.  


Press Sym and keyboard takes you to page 1 of 2 symbols/special characters. Sym button changes to ABC and the UP arrow key above the Sym key changes to 1/2 key to show you are on page 1 of 2 of symbols/special characters. 


That's what my S8 did at the start but then it decided bypass the first page of symbols/special characters and stay stuck on the second page. Neither do I have the facility of the 1/2 key to toggle between the pages!


Funny thing is it would only develop that problem when logging into ANY app that required username and password.


By this time I was getting sick of backing up data and resetting the phone. So I took it back and exchanged the handset thinking it must be a handset fault. Bought the new handset home restarted it all backed data etc etc. 


Went onto an app ebay and typed in my email address, went to enter my password and blow me down with a feather THE SAME **bleep** ISSUE. No joy couldn't log in as I could NOT ENTER the password as I did not have access to page 1 of the Symbols/Special Characters.


Will take phone back to shop for them to sort out. If it doesn't work I'll take a hammer to my S8 and post what's left to the Samsung CEO and some bits to the Carphone Warehouse CEO at their head offices.  I will still expect a full refund.


I have 4 Samsung phones and a Samsung washing machine.  But the nightmares with the S8 may have put me off for life.


You takes a load me money now give me a product that works and doesn't need factory reset after factory reset after factory reset after factory reset after factory reset after reset after reset!


Been into settings no joy cannot change them.  Any help out there please? Need a psychiatristat this rate.!

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Update on S8 Nightmare 


Been to Carphone Warehouse. Rep attempted to fix problem described in main article. Came to the conclusion that it's the fault of Samsung Updates.  He read blogs and viewed articles everyone is saying it is Samsung updates causing problems with notifications, Google and keyboards as well as other apps.


Come on Samsung we have all made you wealthy don't let us down please send fixes via updates otherwise you may have a lot of S8s on your hands.