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S8+ My brain is unable to do this, suggestions requested.

(Topic created on: 20-12-2018 11:58 AM)
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Ok so, I hate social media, I hate smartphones but... I really dont have much choice these days to at least do some of these things.


I've had a second hand S4 Mini for a few years, its battery despite replacement is trash, it’s essentially turn everything off to make it last a few hours on standby, that’s not using it as a phone mind you, that is battery suicide, it simply gives me the false sense of security that I may use it as a phone, maybe while it has a full charge in an inactive state.


As you may have gathered, if you got this far, it’s a love/hate relationship, well, no, it’s a hate/hate relationship, not with Samsung, or phones really, just the universe.


I'm one of those people that kind of wish they perfected phones to be phones (god forbid) and left all the junk out of it till the telephone was perfect, then add all the other junk they want.


I'm not that old, yes, I'm old fashioned but moreover despite being tech savvy years ago and enthusiastic about, well, pretty much everything the last 20 or so years of life have beaten that out of me, as it should, just like hope and optimism.


I think low energy life bulbs that take an hour to ‘warm up’ and produce a light source more powerful that one normal candle being enforced as the only normal consumer option were the final straw, or maybe it was the low water use toilets that can only handle urine, sometimes.


Anyway, now my cards are on the table, I have an S8+ coming, today or tomorrow. Certainly, my intent is to go through the setup process, RTFM as required then...


Does anyone have a link to a video, or articles that help me 'learn to smartphone', hell, I dont even text usually I find texts lazy and offensive unless in a business context where time is of the essence, and in those cases I don’t see why email would not be used.


I use a phone as a phone but need to learn almost but not quite literally everything else.


I've already bookmarked a half dozen, tips, setup and here is what to do guides on youtube but, they are all of wildly varying and from my perspective unquantifiable quality.


They also all seem to assume I've been using the ‘smart’ in smart phone for years which despite using the S4 Mini is not really the case.


Besides, due to the second hand nature of the S4 Mini I have been using, the ‘smart’ is a stretch, mentally challenged or special needs phone might be a better descriptor with the poor performance across the board, not a slight at Samsung, I'm sure it was great for the original owner, I just wish they hadn't run it to death before I got it.


Now, I'm going to light my pipe and try to remove the memory of being signed up to facebook by my partner *intense shudders*.


Any good sources of for the want of a better description “How to smartphone”, preferably with the S8+ so its more directly comparable would be very greatly appreciated.


An incompetent technophobic shut-in luddite who promised/promises to try


Postscript:  I do intend to try, just need a little guidnace over here. 

Other Smartphones

Hey @Badmagic


It's definitely a change going from the S4 Mini to the S8+, lots of things have changed since then and here in the Community you'll find loads of people willing to help you with even the most basic of things, I guarantee we've heard it all before - Feel free to drop myself or one of the other Community Mods a private message if you'd like, with any questions. We work for Samsung and are here to help and guide users of all levels. 


Have you heard of the 'For Dummies' collection? (I'm not calling you a dummy, let's just clear that up now :face-with-tears-of-joy:) They're basic how-to guides, and there happens to be one for the S8/S8+, you can find a quick cheat sheet HERE. While I can't really tell you to buy something, it may be worth looking into the full book, so you've always got that guide at hand rather than relying on the internet for help. 




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