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S8 internal Storage 🤬

(Topic created on: 17-05-2020 02:16 PM)
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Hi all,


I have looked at countless posts and tried most of the things suggest and am no further forward. so looking for some help. 


On my S8 I keep getting a low storage warning and no matter how much I clear up it barely makes a dent.


If I go to sesstings I get this info 


Screenshot_20200517-140100_Device care.jpg


If I go to the low storage warning I get this infoScreenshot_20200517-140031_My Files.jpg


As you can see the "other" storage seems to be the issue but cant seem to get anything off it. Any advice on thos issue?

Anonymous User
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i have seen quite a few other people with this problem with a huge other amount of data which they could not find where it was and never put i their device. Resetting the phone has worked with them.

Backup all your data which you want to keep and then press the bixby and power up button and press the power key and keep all 3 keys pressed till you boot into recovery mode, then navigate to factory reset with volume rockers and confirm it with power button. All data will be erased and you may be asked to re enter then pin if you had a lock method or to access with the same google account which there was before.

Important: again, back up all the data you want to keep because it will be erased and not recoverable.

If you have doubts do not hesitate to write it here.

Have a nice evening!