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S8- Fast charge stopped working




Anyone facing issue with fast charging on Samsung S8 phone, it stopped working all of a sudden?


Device even fails to charge with the original charger that came with the phone, it only charge via USB port or any other standard charger.


Hoping to get some answer in case if there is any setting/tweak available for this. I have so far tried reset of device to factory reset which hasn’t helped.


Many thanks




Sounds like motherboard failure to me, updates as you may know make the phone very hot, could have finished it off if it had a fault.
Is your phone insert contract?

Meant under contract.


Yes it is, so I guess I'll see if they can repair it. Thanks for the response and have a nice weekend!


Hi I have the S10 + and found mine would only fast charge with the charger cable facing with the centre joint of the silver plug lead facing up. I also have a Samsung fast charger for my car and I never have a problem with it fast charging no matter which way I plug my phone into. I took my phone charger lead and tested it with my wall charger and phone and no problems so it clearly shows it's the charger lead at fault. The main obvious external difference between the two leads is the wall charger lead has a joint on one face of the charge plug whereas the car charger lead is seamless. It's still under warranty so I'm going to check with Samsung and get the lead replaced. As mentioned it could be an issue with the board but changing the cable seemed to work a treat for me.


Thanks for posting, exact problem after the November 2019 security update.  😞  Hoping enough attention for Samsung to resolve.

I can recommend, calling directly to Samsung
Customer Service team that can support with the mobile and recommend advice 0330 726 7467. Also, using the device maintenance in the settings will be a help to complete and initial diagnostic. Hope that helps

thanks for that


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