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S8 drops calls on Vodafone

(Topic created on: 07-09-2017 07:40 PM)
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Hi. Hope someone can offer me some advice, please....

I recently changed from an iPhone 6 to an S8. Overall I'm very happy with the new phone.

I do, however, seem to be having some serious problems with signal quality when making calls.

This is a problem in lots of different locations and I have already been to a Vodafone store to get a new (replacement) SIM card to eliminate that from the equation.

It seems that even when I have a good 4G signal, the phone automatically switches to H or H+ when I make a call and within a few secomnds the signal just dies. When the call has ended, the phone reverts back to a trong 4G signal.

Is there a setting that is wrong or something? It seems so strange and I've tried resetting the network settings and selecting different network types, but nothing seems to work.

All software is up to date etc.....

It's so frustrating and I just want to find a solution as quickly as possible.......

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Hi @HongKongJon


If your on Vodafone Uk then they have just introduced VoLTE which is Calling Over 4G. 


The s8 isn't in the included handsets yet and it's only in a few key cities.


A customer would need:
* WiFi and 4G Calling enabled on their account
* A Samsung S7 or S7 Edge device with Android Nougat 7.1 software or the Sony z
The cities are Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds and Inner London.


So on your s8 it would automatically drop from 4G to 3G,H etc and then should switch back up to 4G once the calls been made. 


Can you try your Sim Card in another phone as a process of elimination to rule out the phone or sim card that may be at fault. Try another Sim in your phone.


You could ask a Samsung Service Location or Samsung Experience Store to run a diagnostic on the device. 

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