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S8 cracked but not dropped

(Topic created on: 28-09-2017 08:27 PM)
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My S8 is only a few weeks old and  has cracked on the back. I know it hadn't been dropped as I'm Really careful and ultra paranoid when i get a new phone. It's Got a case on and it's only when I took The case off to clean the glass that I noticed it.  Vodafone said all they can do it's send it on to Samsung.

There aren't any scratches on the outside of the case but one on the inside that lined up with a tiny shard of glass. 

IMO this phone is not fit for purpose 


It failed miserably in the drop tests


When.googling this issue there are people whose phone had just cracked when putting the case on or even sat on the casr seat next to them no drops other unexplained cracks as well as people who have dropped it onto a soft surface anyone else head this?Xx 


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Hi @Bing


Vodafone would see this as accidental damage so would most probably levy a repair charge. 


I would certainly agree to engage with Samsung to see if they can offer a resolution but they may also report it as accidental damage and levy a charge. 


Do you have any household insurance, mobile phone insurance or some Bank Accounts offer mobile phone cover as a perk of the account. 


I appreciate you state you look after your phone and I in no way am questioning your integrity. 


In regards to drop tests a person can read into them what they will. 


In my opinion it’s down to how high the phone drops from , the velocity, the angle it hits and what type of floor material it’s falling onto. Loose stones Vs Smooth Surface. 


I’ve dropped my s8 twice. No issues. 


It has a Rhinoshield CrashGuard Bumper , dbrand Black Dragon Back Skin and Samsung Film type Screen Protector applied.



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ive had the same problem.. today the phone was allways on the loading station.. in the evening i wanted to see an email.. and it had on the right part down cracked glasses, as if it would have been falen down. but no way.. now sings of a fall... whats the problem with samsung s8 ? its like the glass has too much pressur and it breaks alone... hello samsung.. you must admit these are glass weakness from the fabrications.. where is the samsung 8+ built?