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S8 Audio pausing, skipping on and stopping

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Playing podcasts in Pocket Casts, the audio keeps stopping and skipping forward as if i'm skipping through my scrollbar.

It's making listening to audio on my s8 pretty much impossible at this point.


It happens both if the phone is locked or unlocked.


Using the mixcloud app the tracks also skip ahead to the next thing lined up in my playlist.


As neither of these are native apps, I can't test them in safe mode. I've not got on battery saving settings. I've deactivated Chrome and google (as the google voice asssitant would keep popping up before for no reason)


I've seen the phone's volume settings shift up and down at the top of the screen before, free from any input my end. 


This is turning my phone in to a frustrating black shiny brick, so any help would be appreciated. I have hard reset / reboot with no joy. Restored from back up with no joy. Aside from a factory restore I'm running out of options.


Hi @bewilderd:smiling-face:


This only happen with those two apps? 


Did they work fine on this phone previously - and if so, anything added or updated on it around about the time before things went a bit "poltergeisty"?


Also, guessing that you've checked that everything's updated software-wise (i.e. firmware and apps).

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Aside from the seance and ouija board apps i installed? :smiling-face:


I've had less occurances with Soundcloud, but haven't used it as much of recent. The same with playing audio nativley off the phone. Everything is up to date.


Are there any software update version numbers that would be handy for me to share?


My phone is on autoupdate regards software.


It's been fine up until a couple of weeks ago, and now 5 minutes of usage is just straight rage inducing.






I was asked to accept this as a solution by Samsung. Considering I had a single responce, which was not followed up on when asking follow questions myself, and that i am not given the option to register that this wasn't an accepted solution I'm having to write this here instead. If this really is the best support Samsung has to offer, then they seemingly don't really care about customers. 


Sorry about not getting back to you sooner, @bewilderd!  :heavy-black-heart:


From what you’ve said, evidence points towards a software or app update a few weeks ago that’s caused a snafu.


Re-reading your first post, I’m not 100% sure if you’ve done a hard or soft reset – but I assumed it was a soft reset and restore from a backup rather than the complete wiping and restoring of your data, as you mentioned not having done a factory restore yet.


Assuming that’s the case, then clearing the cache and data from the troublesome apps is worth a try. Settings > Apps > 3 dots > Show system apps (this brings up a complete app list) > [app name] > Storage > clear data; clear cache. Any apps that were updated just around the time that the issue started are also worth a look at in terms of clearing their cache/data, or uninstalling.


If things still persist, then rebooting into Recovery Mode and wiping the cache partition can also get rid of residual older data that may be causing the weirdness.


However, if you have done a data backup and factory restore, and it's still happening after that, that suggests something more fundamental is going on: and it’d be best to pop into your nearest Support Centre for someone to take a closer look.


(And whilst we'd like for folks to accept solutions to let more people know what's worked for them, please don't feel obligated to do so if something really hasn't worked for you. :smiling-face: )

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So after a factory reset and then restoring from a back up, i had a brief period of things being 'better' rather than 'fixed'. 

Things are back to normal now though and the skipping / pausing has resumed in full. I have found running a bug report really helps functionality for a while. 


This is also happening on Youtube, Soundcloud and Play Music.


I'm really not even sure how a locked phone with the screen black, could skip tracks on when the app isn't open. 


Any further pointers at all?


Our software guys might like to take a closer look at what's going on with this one, @bewilderd. Have you run a bug report just after it happens and sent it via the Members app?

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I have run plenty of bug reports (as it tends to ease the buggy symptoms) but haven't sent over the app yet. 

I'll give it a try.

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