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S8+ and Samsung Music


I've been having problems with playing music using Samsung Music. The app will skip certain tracks after playing about 15-20 secs whilst playing others normally, there seems to be no logical pattern to this. The music is stored on my 128gb class 10 sd card. 


I've tried clearing the cache and data for the app, the songs play as normal for a while then it starts up again.


Any suggestions welcome.

Superuser I
Superuser I

The Sd Card has the speeds capable so that shouldn't be an issue unless it's either somehow corrupted or the music is. 


Where did you acquire the music from may I ask as that might be the cause. 


If this was me I would move the music from the Sd Card to your phones internal storage and try again. 


My music is in the phones internal storage and I use the Samsung option on my s8 without issue. 



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