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S8 and Google location SETTING

(Topic created on: 18-03-2018 09:22 PM)

If you're having trouble finding YOU or using location features, such as smart unlock, do the following.




Press the COMPASS icon on the right hand side. Then, the DIAMOND shape (♦️usually leaning to the right, in a circle, on the right hand side)


This will locate you, where YOU ARE. You may find, that it's pointing to a house up the street or a couple streets away. 


If this is inaccurate, slide from the left and tap.... ADD A MISSING PLACE.


Type in the name for home (HOME).  call this whatever you like. It then says, first on map, DO THIS, it'll correct where you are.

Then fill in the rest of the form.


After doing this n saving everything, do a RESTART 


Hopefully, you should find, home n other locations more accurate.


This is what I did to my SAMSUNG GALAXY S8, and I've not really had an issue since.


Even using multiple bus timetable apps, find me at the correct stop each time. I rely on stuff like that, as I dont drive and rely on the buses, and sometimes I need to be able to get more than 1 bus to complete my journey.


Make sure, you have ALL your location settings set to sensitive, it is more data, but also more accurate.

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