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S7 support

(Topic created on: 10-01-2017 08:34 AM)

Having read reports of poor service from Samsung I was worried sending mine back when the glue holding the back on started to allow it to partially open.  It was collected quickly and I handed it to the courier in its original box.  Just 6 days later I was delighted to have the phone returned - until that is I opened the parcel.


Inside I found not the original box I had returned it in but a cheap cloth bag with the phone inside.  They had re-fixed the back (the ONLY problem reported) but had additionally;-


1) Removed the screen protector when they had no reason to do anything to the screen

2) covered the back of the phone in what looks like glue residue which appears difficult to remove

3) Updated the already up to date operating system

4) In the process they had factory reset the phone - which led me to a lot of extra work restoring from back up followed by re-configuring several apps where the settings had not for some reason been saved.


I immediately wrote to support complaining about these issues thinking that, at the very least, they would apologise and give some advice about how to remove the glue residue without damaging the back - I also asked if they could return my box or send me a replacment as this affects resale value later.


All I have received from them is an email acknowledging that I am unhappy saying that they appreciate feedback.  They didnt attempt to explain anything or even advise on what to use to remove the glue residue - they simply advised me that I could escalate the matter by making a formal complaint by post.   


It seems very defensive to me that they jump straight to the complaint system without any attempt to discuss my concerns.  I did reply to their email but have not received anything further from them.


With just a little care they would have been receiving praise from a satisfied customer instead this has left a sour taste


Where did you arrange this repair, gbswales?


On arrival to the Service Centre any accessories including screen protectors are removed and the phone is Factory Reset for security reasons. This is explained to our customers prior to the phone being picked up.


If you wish to escalate this matter with our team we'd be happy to do so. Just drop me a PM with your reference number and details and we'll look into it for you.