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S7 Edge Screen Bleed.

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Hello, a small corner of my screen is black from screen bleed, has anyone else had this issue, did your local Samsung store fix it for you? 


- If Samsung read this .....

I have taken it to the offical Samsung store 3x now and they say it is coverd by warrnty but they don't stock the part, they say they can send it off but cannot loan me a phone. So for around 10 days I would by without a phone  that I rely on for work travel and payments. The same issue when I emailed support. They didn't read the content of my email explaining I need a phone for work etc. They just sent UPS to my house when I wasnt even home. I am also worried as I am part of the Samsung Upgrade programe that you will reject the phone when it is upgraded to the S8? 




Hi @grw.


Just to confirm, we're afraid we don't have any facility to provide loan handsets; and if folks are on contract we advise them to get in touch with their network provider to see what they can do to help them out in that regard.


However, to reassure you, any issues resolved under the warranty won't affect the upgrade.

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