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S7 edge Oreo update

(Topic created on: 09-06-2018 07:52 AM)

2 of the most used features I used have been turned off.

 1) Edge Clock is not Night clock. Instead of removeing it you guys could have made it so we can manually edit the brightness or lower it ewen more in auto.

2) Multi image lockscreen, I know s8 s9 and not 8 dont have it, why has it been removed? For some reason on my s7e  is still works but if somehow it gets reseted, I wont bee able to put multiple images again.

 Why manual brightness wasnt added? Why gif support wasnt added? Etc.......what...?   You guys try to make me upgrade to s9 upgrade by removing features or blatantly showing you theyre not compatlible [aod gif....what? i need s9 to hav animated aod?] On major firmware update?

Last night I was like a kid in a kandy store when I saw the pending update,  but now Im really bummed because lots of features from s8 s9 note 8 a8 etc are missing, 

Ive been on samsung phones since Note1......(had note 1 2 3 (second hand) 4, S 3,S3 mini, S4, S6(Really liked the Ir blaster) and now the S7e.

I dont want 10 major updates....I dont need android P   but what I need is at leas all features from Oreo....If you give a major update at least make it complete and dont remuve features.

I hope Night clock and multi images will return.