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S7 Edge logic/motherboard

(Topic created on: 13-12-2017 07:06 AM)
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After having an S7 Edge for about 12 months it developed a fault where trying to use the camera in most apps would cause the phone to crash. Over time the phone began to crash at random, then crash while rebooting and now finally has fully died (won't even charge). Sadly Samsung claim the warranty is void due to 'unauthorised work' - I've never had it repaired but can hardly prove that.


The repair shop I took it to after Samsung refused to repair it have said there's no life in the logic board at all. Could anyone have an educated guess at whether replacing the logic board is likely to fix the phone entirely? Or could there be underlying problems with other components?


Any advice gratefully received!



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Superuser II
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Samsung engineers would have been able to see if the phones seals had been broken I would have thought @Ross_morrison


Now work has indeed been carried out by a non authorised Samsung Engineer then the warranty is definitely voided but I see why you made that decision. 


What I would consider if this was my phone is how much time, effort and cost I wanted to invest in getting the phone up and running. 


As your aware due to the question you pose the Issue may or may not be resolved by having the part replaced. 


Some phones will work but not like they used to before the Issue. 


Id contemplate replacing the phone and sell the current one as a non working model for someone else to use it as a project. 



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