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S7 Edge AOD Edge Clock not working since Oreo update with Samsung Experience 9.0




My S7 Edge Always On Display automatically switched to an edge clock at night until a recent update to Oreo with Samsung Experience 9.0. Since this update the feature has stopped working and I have not been able to figure out where the setting is for this edge clock?


I seem to recall there were options to schedule when the edge clock would be active (I chose between 10pm an 8am) and also which side you wanted the edge clock to display (I chose the left side).

Any clues where these settings might be as I can't seem to find them anymore since this update. I used this as my nightstand clock and it was a real bonus feature of the edge phone?





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You can turn it off if is too bright. Just let us turn it on again! That is ridiculous. Please, i am resisting moving to Apple but i am getting severely tempted


It's the line of " it was too bright " that's an absolute joke of a line , more like some top boss at samsung who hasn't got a clue what useful features people use decided to take it off to make space for something that we won't use 


That reply makes no sense. Worse, they removed the only useful feature the edge display had...


The edge clock worked great when laying in bed glancing at the phone on the bedside table. In other situations it is useless as the angle,  orientation and size is all wrong. Also it showed next alarm, which was very convenient when going to bed to check it was set right, or checking if there is a next alarm when dismissing the first.


The full clock and notification icon list is great during the day when the phone is on the desk, but it is useless beside the bed as you have to tilt the phone, and it has to much screen area lighting up. 


Oh I wish Samsung  would one day be just 50% as good at software as they are at hardware. Not asking for 100%, been working with software design for 20+ years, i know it ain't easy, but i could write a book with things i think could be improved. There are so many good ideas, but the execution...


The new face widgets thing is a great idea. But to pause my music i need to double-tap, swipe,  tap. Same to resume. To do it from lock screen it is just click, tap. Always on display shows which song is playing already,  why oh why isn't there small pause and skip icons next to that where you can double-tap directly.


I know it can also show the next alarm that i complained about missing, but again is actually slower to use than fingerprint unlock, tap clock icon. Instead it could like show it where the current song info is when you don't listen to music. 

There's a few things in Oreo making me want to switch phones. I have truly loved having the S7 edge but with Oreo it's not as good and I'm thinking of jumping ship...
The mentioned night clock AOD issue, the themes of the nougat AOD has disappeared, why not add to them instead of taking away,
Samsung Pay is forced onto my home screen even with 3rd party launcher- please offer a disable option for all this kind of stuff,
The icon 'frames' are stuck on many of my apps and I can't remove them,
The notification shade makes all of the notifications thinner and when I use a 'quick compose' I have to tap more than once on it to refit (minor but a backwards step)
The feature to create multiple lock screen pictures is gone, now only able to choose one- this was something cool that most other phones don't do!
The multi screen app Edge is half baked, it appears it can only be used by adding to the current App edge panel (ie YouTube & internet) whereas on S8 I believe it has its own multi task Edge panel?
Don't want to upgrade to an S9 either as again you're forcing Bixby in with the button and non re map of it (another example of Samsung forcing its own software into the operating system.
I do love many of the features that have been put in even before Google but I thought Samsung was getting the message aftee TouchWiz that we don't want bloat and the point of Android as opposed to Apple is to customise and turn off what we don't want!
I have downgraded to Nougat for now- with a lot of fuss.
They could literally just press the button that says "turn off Night Clock" honestly...Samsung are as bad as Apple.
Can either of you please go back to your R&D colleagues and please say that they have made a mistake, there is no shame in admitting to the fact that they have got it wrong.
There is much more demand from users for this feature than not.  If users thought this was too bright, they could have switched it off or they could have placed the phone screen down.  However, if the aim of the R&D guys was to reduce the issue of the screen being too bright, I would like to say that what they have now done has actually made the screen even brighter than it was before.  Because the AOD Edge Clock has been replaced with an AOD full screen clock, its using many more pixles and lights up my room considerably more than it did when I just had the AOD edge clock.  I know this because my wife complains to me all the time about it and how the room is now too bright (she didnt notice before) and consiquently I am now banned from having my phone in the bedroom at night.  I've had to go out and buy a cheap alarm clock as a replacement now.  A £700 phone and I now have to go out and buy a £2 alarm clock...
Thanks Samsung!!
The R&D guys need to understand this.  The R&D guys need to put right a fix which by their own admision, was to reduce the brigtness of the screen due to the demand of the users, the fix however has infact NOT WORKED, it has done the exact opposite and made the screen even brighter than it was before.  So if this was indeed the only reason for removing this feture, then they have failed, this change was completely UNSUCCESSFUL.  Thefore the obvious thing to do is to reverse this change and put the AOD Edge Clock back as it was before.  As users have already said here, if there are some users who think they dont like it then maybe a switch can be used to turn this functionality on/off depending on the users requirements.  I'm sure this was how it worked before anyway.
As for me, I am in the process of copying all my data back to my old S6 Edge and will discard my now inferior S7 Edge.  The older phone still does everything I need it to do and it seems to do many things better than the newer models do thanks to changes such as these which are forced to the S7 Edge and later models, thank god they didnt apply these undesirable changes to the S6 Edge... Needless to say I will not be buying any newer Samsung devices if this is the direction Samsung are now taking, devolving functionality with each model.
My trusty old S6 Edge will carry me through to the 4 October 2018 when the new Google Pixel 3 is due to launch.  I think this will be the time I say goodbuy to Samsung and buy a phone manufactured by the same people responisble for Android itself, keeping everything in house now seems to be the better option, especially when they are bringing out features that Samsung users can only dream about.  A colleague of mine has the Pixel 2 and its very impressive, not least with its 7 Hours use from just a quick a 15 minute charge and as for its AOD display, it is much more customisable than the Samsung AOD now seems to be.  I can't wait for the new Pixel 3 to come out which will further set it apart as the best android phone on the market globally.  But as I say, it is with great regret that my long 10+ year relationship with Samsung must unfortunately now come to a bitter end.  And I know I'm not alone in this decision.
So long as the R&D guys at Samsung are made aware of the above and they (along wth senior management) are still happy to continue on their distructive blind sighted path, then good luck to em and welcome to Samsung's dark future.

What a ridiculous reason to remove what was one of my favourite features on my S7E. If I could work out how to revert it back to the previous operating system I would!


I cant believe they have thrown this out - SAMSUNG !! Bring it back !


Hello Samsung!

I agree with my fellow samsungers. The night clock was a perfect feature! Also it was the only useful feature of the edge screen. It was never too bright!


Moving it to the AOD is wrong because:

1. it is not on the edge screen

2. if I want to use it, I have to choose between a normal AOD at day or the night clock at night. There is no option to set up different AOD to different time frame.


Please give us back!




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That setting was for me the only feature of the Edge screen that i have ever used, and now it is gone.
i just don't understand why is it gone, it was nowhere near bright, infact the AOD was brighter to me than the night clock
Samsung, please reinstate this feature i truly loved it.

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