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s21 coming with no power adapter

Shame on samsung copy apple with no npower adapter with new phones from galaxy s21 and on 
Why take the piss out of apple then copy them talk about saving the environment bollocks its about more profit at the expense of the consumer 
The adapter would be coming in a new box just like apple so how thats saving the environment 
Carry on like this you will lose customers 
Many new phone companies are making cheaper phones don't be like apple and rip of your loyal customers like me and others 
how many phones have you had ?? I bet every phone came with an mains charger....
over the years I have had countless phones from 1996 from apple to Nokia to Samsung note 20 ultra I have now I have had Samsung phones since s3
so you see I have has many phones over the years Samsung does not need to copy apple you cannot call a company for doing something then copy them it make you look stupid
whats next an a phone with no box to save the environment its all about profit not the environment unless your completely stupid and belive the rubbish that apple say
They all need to work together and make one charger for all the makes of phones, high and low price models

why so mad? either use one of the chargers you already have,.or choose one from the plethora on offer.

yes, of course it is to do with profit, like any business from the local cornershop to international corporations....but as a consequence of that, you can't deny that it does actually help the environment.
Less plastic being used, less co2 being pumped out from manufacture, less cardboard due to smaller boxes and less carbon due to less weight in transport.

It's bittersweet, but hardly has a huge impact on our individual day to days lives.
iam not mad far from it it seems samsung always copy apple they call apple one minute then copy them well I will sell my car next week oh and keep the battery lol
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