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S-planner sync 'new' entries from Google calendar in wrong Samsung calendar


Phone: Galaxy S5.

My wife and I keep our calendars in sync via Google but, for some time now, none of her entries seemed to appear on my phone - but mine appeared on her's (she has a different Samsung model phone).

I've just discovered that actually her entries ARE on my phone, but the S Planner sync has placed them into my 'Samsung Calendar' and not into the calendar associated with my Google account (I don't display Samsung Calendar normally to ensure that I add entries to the Google calendar so that they get synced!).

Any idea why this might be and can I stop this?  It seems stupid that entries she creates, that are synced via a shared Google Calendar, end up in my Samsung Calendar!


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I have the same problem, it has happened before, and I have no idea how to fix this! Would be great to see a reply here sometime...
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