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S Health Weight Management


OK, so i just got the S9+ and looking to make use of the S Health App.

I have entered the required information and said i want to lose x amount per week.

However the app is telling me that i am already over 400Kcals to many and I have not even eaten dinner.


it has me as 2536 cals per day minus 1285 (1262 at rest and only 23 from light exercise so far). 

This is ok as only sitting at a dest and having the odd walk around.


So then it lists my calories to be consumed for each day as 1434 which is ok and makes sense so far.

I have added meals so far that add up to 508 calories and this is shown coorectly as being nearly a third of the wat toward my daily intake.

However the weight management meter i sin the red and is nearly all the way to the right showing 320Kcal over.

This makes no sense at all.

I have automeals turned off.

Does anyone have any idea whats going on?




They completely redesigned the app between his post and yours. None of his instructions will work with the new layout.


I was confused about the same thing. I just set up the weight management part of the app. I have consumed 734 calories and burned 728 calories so far and I still have 3 meals left for the day, yet the app is saying that I am 554 calories over. I then realised that the app is constantly calculating the calories burned minus that consumed to get your calorie balance as explained in the info tab. My balance to loose 0.5kg per is supposed to be 552 calories. However, thus far I have eaten 6 calories more than I have burned so I am still that much over with my calorie balance. For this reason at the end of the day when I have been as active as I can and have burned 552 more calories than consumed, then finally it will show that I am in the good range and not over anymore.


I've tried all of this and my widget is still messed up. It tells me I'm over my calorie intake before I even input food!


Hello, I had the same issue where my calories burned were way too high for the work I did each day. It would say I was burning like 15000 + calories per day and while I wish that was the case I know that's impossible. I recalled that the issue started when I set up a target in weight management and enabled the calm feature in the S Health app. I ended up stopping the S health app on my phone, then uninstalled it and reinstalled it. I logged back in and while I lost my steps for today on my phone, my watch did not and my total calories burned for today reset and were back down to the correct estimate. 


Same here! I bought my Galaxy Watch a month ago. The Weight Management worked fine until I updated the SH app yesterday. When passing midnight suddenly i was "529 kcal over" - even though I had 0 kcal intake!! (and I was 300 kcal under yesterday).. This is so annoying. How hard can it be to code some decent simple software?

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