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Remove app drawer after nougat update


According to some suggestions, it was possible to remove app drawer from Touchwiz using Galaxy Lab setting, that were removed with nougat update.


It looks like that app drawer button can not be removed from Samsung deiveces running nougat.  Is any other way of doing it?


I do not need that button all the time, but it takes precious one position from five available in Touchwiz fixed launcher.


I know that I could used other launchers, but there are number of reason why I prefer Touchwiz.




I can't find any settings in Nougat to remove this. 


So it's possibly either Touchwizz or a Launcher. 


It is defeneatly Touchwizz,  since every gui element belongs to it.

Can this be requested from Samsung?   No one needs that button on permanent basis.


Personally I like how that leads to my apps however I would like to be able to place it where I want. 


So not necessarily in the dock. 

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I had the same problem. Had to buy a new s7 edge because the other one broke down. And i just did automatically all the updates so in the nougat i had no galaxy labs anymore (because i forgot to turn it on in Marshmallow)


But i found the solution and it costed me a couple of hours to find it out haha.

You can flash your s7 / s7 edge back to the latest version of Android 6.0 or 6.1 (just the version before 7.0).


1. Check on your phone which firmware you need by dialing *#1234#
2. Download the firmware and odin and look for a tutorial to flash with odin.
3. When your flashing with Odin, make sure you use all the files that comes with the firmware (BL + AP + CP + CSC file).
4. When you are back in the marshmallow firmware, go to software info and tick 7 times on Buildnumber to activate the developer options.
5. Go in the Setting-menu to the "Advanced options/setting". All the way down in the menu you will find Galaxy Labs and the option to see all the apps on your homescreen.


6. When you turned "all apps on homescreen" on, you can now update to Nougat via OTA and you will keep the option to turn App drawer on or off.


Samsung customer service did not help me with it and they did not even know about Galaxy Labs. Really bad service, but i got it anyway.


Good luck!


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Just long press the home screen and go to "Home Screen Settings", after that you will see the "Home Screen Content" and you can choose to remove the app drawer if you want.
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WolfRathmA said:30-03-2017 07:13

Just long press the home screen and go to "Home Screen Settings", after that you will see the "Home Screen Content" and you can choose to remove the app drawer if you want.

Hi Addamsmister, 


I've followed your instructions and now I'm in Android 6.0.1. I can now see the Galaxy Labs setting but, is only showing one option, which is Quick Dial. The option to See All Apps on the Homescreen is not appearing.


Any ideas on what to do? Maybe install a previous version of Marshmallow?




Hi Carlitosp,


Maybe you have to turn on the Developer Options by tapping 7 times on the Buildnumber?


If the option still not appears, you have maybe to go back to an earlier version of Marshmallow. 


I went back i guess to one of the first versions...

Thanks Addamsmister,

I'll do that.

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