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Recover memos S3

(Topic created on: 14-04-2019 12:46 PM)
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I have recently bought a S10+. I had an old, but still working, S3 before.


I transfered my data through Samsung Switch, which worked quite well. I only missed some contacts which I transferred through my SD card. A few days ago, I noticed that I was also missing my Memos. I didn't use them a lot but had some usefull information in them. When I went back to my old S3 to try to do a back up on my Samsung account my phone suddenly freezed and started a reset on its own. When i could finally use it again, i had lost all my old informations and apps... This was not such a problem excpet for those Memos. I checked my Samsung account but there were not backed up yet.


Therefore, i have 2 questions:

1. Could they have been transferred on my S10+ without me noticing (I tried to search them on my phone)?

2. Is it possible that this "wild reset" sparred some data that i could recover somewhere (i have already looked in the files on the phone and could not find anything)?


If its of any use, I was running my S3 with "Microsoft Launcher".


After looking a few topics, I'm afraid i've loste everything but since they were quite important i'm hopping to find something.


Thank you for any information