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Random switching of screens on Note 8

(Topic created on: 20-06-2018 04:36 PM)
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  • I have purchased a Samsung Note 8, which suddenly seems to be having a mind of its own. There seems to be a random switching of screens while I am using other applications. The screen switching continues for up to TEN switches every 15 to 20 minutes at very inconvenient times before ceasing. The phone then switches itself off automatically before restarting. This switching off occurs even though I have Smart Lock activated with my trusted places and devices. How can this random switching be stopped?
  • Another issue is that a Google screen pops up at the most inconvenient times asking me to turn on Google Assistant. Although I have refused this service, it continues to annoy by popping up. I have rebooted the phone on numerous occasions but nothing has changed. How can I prevent Google from high jacking my screen?
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Hi @Blackbolt


If this was my situation I would suggest to put the phone in safe mode which turns off all your downloaded apps and leaves the stock ones alone which can help to determine if an app is causing this situation. 


If it stops in safe mode then cone out of safe mode and delete your apps with the most recent one at first. 


If it does not stop in safe mode then I would create a back up and Factory Reset as a last resort. 


If no joy then a Samsung Service Centre will be able to help you further with this situation.



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