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Random full screen pop up ads - S7 Edge

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Good Afternoon Everyone


Can anyone please help me with this problem? It started about a week ago, and I am getting Random full screen pop up ads.


It mainly happens when the phone is locked and not being used. Suddenly a random video app will start playing in the background; its especially annoying when it happens in the middle of the night.


I was thinking of doing a  clean reinstall? 


Any suggestions would be appreciated, as this is driving me nuts.


Thank you


didn't work for me

I have sent it to you how did you figure out exactly which app it was causing the problem

I read that its usually caused by the last app that you installed so I uninstalled last app and it worked

great thank you
glad you got sorted

For me as well


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I deleted my flashlight and no success, still getting a lot of ads. How do you know which apps actually came with the phone?

You could try resetting your factory settings


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