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Poor Battery Life

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I know there are loads of enquiries on this and yes I know there are more up-to-date tablets but Im getting really disillusioned with my tablet.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab4 which I very rarely use. Its used on holiday once a year during travel and maybe a for a few minutes in the hotel room.

So rare in fact I switched it on last night and had to do a lot of updates, the last being done in 2017.

After putting it back on charge ( the original charge of the day took over 7 hours)  within less than an hour the battery life is down to 27% !!!

Ive left it on with the screen off and right now its bleeping, telling me I have 15% battery life!

All backgrounds are switched off as well.

Surely this is not right. A tablet that is hardly used has now become useless


If it is after a S/W update then a factory data reset is in order.
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