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Hi guys I'm Mantera Fazz, i have been using the s7 edge for 4 years now. It still looks like i bought it yesterday. You know, it's been 4years i think i have to move on to the galaxies after s7 edge. Please and please again if you have a spare higher galaxy phone i really need it or if you can support me with cash to swap for a higher galaxy i'm down. If you need my delivary address or my paypal or cash app kindly comment. Thank you.
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Superuser I

The phone has served you well for 4 years but I assume the battery may not be holding up as well now.


This forum isn't a buying and selling site instead it's a peer to peer help forum so your going to need to use a specific site or Highstreet Store that buys and sells phones to conduct your intended business.


Please be careful where you share your personal information too.


I wish you all the best with this and hope you end up with your next phone of choice @Mantera 



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you should buy a new phone and a good choice for you is the Samsung Z Flip.

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