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Please No exyno chipset in next Samsung upcoming phones

(Topic created on: 18-09-2020 09:11 PM)
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Here we get exynos chipset in india,  it sucks.... I prefer MI phone for gaming and everyone around prefer mi or other Chinese phones, they are chip and performance much batter, every times it heats up Samsung,  everyonecomplains..... If Samsung wants to be a real stars (three stars) , please stop using exynos chipset,  Chinese phone are more reasonable in price and performance much better.... you'll lose lots of money, seriously speaking... I'm a Samsung fan but no more exynos chipset,  it's done and everyone prefer snapdragon chipset.  Note 20 ultra sucks with exynos chipset,  many Samsung fan are disappointed... check out in YouTube how disappointed they are .... 

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Superuser II
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There is talk of a much improved Exynos chipset being released in 2021 @Chiirhi but I fully understand and appreciate what your saying.


I believe we should have the option of buying a phone either with an Exynos or Snapdragon chipset in at ordering stage.


They can put Snapdragon chipsets in phone's released globally. As for example the fold 2 only has a Snapdragon in it.


Personally as I'm in the Uk and also only get the Exynos N20 Ultra I've taken the decision to import a Snapdragon version from Hong Kong.


The Team here do send feedback to Samsung so let's hope they are listening.



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