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Please help to bring back the expanable storage for the upcoming Galaxy Flagship top model, thank you!

(Topic created on: 26-11-2021 04:16 AM)

I would like to take this chance to write a post about the expandable storage for the upcoming Galaxy flagship top model, currently I'm a content creator and I always to create and store media contents on the phone.

However I found that the storage model is not enough for me to store the contents and I wish Samsung to bring back the expandable storage for me in order to expand the capacity I want.


Really hope that it can come true, as this is very convenient for the content creator to do the creation on Galaxy phones.

Sachin Acharya

I hope #Samsung listen to this content. Taking away features that used to make Samsung standout should never been taken away. Consumers stay true & come back for their innovation & features. Since Note 9 & s 10 series it's downhill for Samsung they removed features, first mock 🍎 rivals for lacking productivity for they missing those features & do same. Why would you surrender for stupid trend. Annoyed many consumers who stay loyal. Evan rivals consumers join Samsung & #Samsung removed all those features. They removed features & hike the price make consumers buy their products as accessories. 

Do business, but not like that. Don't hurt your loyal family like that. Some might say Do you even need SD card expansion or headphone jack or heart rate sensor & other features even in today generation, how it enhances productivity it's outdated new trend?? Well there are still people who do use those features. It's not anyone business how people use it or using less. Samsung should let consumers use how they want, when they want or never use at all. 

I too would hope they would listen, but sadly the only way for them to listen is if sales plumeth. Sadly that doesn't seem to be the case, so I'm not very optimistic that we will see the return of the SD card.