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Please don't remove the headphone jack in the S8 series

(Topic created on: 10-01-2017 01:02 PM)
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When S6 Edge came out, it cut two of my favourite features from the S5 - water resistance and memory card support. But because the phone was so beautiful, I still ended up buying it - after a year the S7 Edge came out and addressed these issues so of course I was a preorder customer for that one!


Now the rumours are saying that the S8 series is not going to have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. I hope it is not true, because the jack connector is actually something I (and most people I know) regularly use and I would have a really hard time living without it. Not only do I have a bunch of headphones etc. but I am often in a situation where I want to play music on some device that only has a 3.5mm jack for its input. Carrying around various adaptors is just not an option, when the standard 3.5mm jack cable is more or less ubiquitous.


In fact when Apple lost the jack on their iPhone 7, several of my friends who where using Apple decided to go for a Samsung instead, precisely for that reason. So please Samsung, leave it in, I don't care if it makes my phone 1mm thicker, it's a must-have.

If samsung were able to give an adaptor that combined a headphone jack and chanrgin port i would be more than happy with this.

I have two sets of headphone, one bluetooh and one wired (Beats i paid a hell of a lot for!!!). My person beliefe is that apple got rid of the jack is that Bluetooth headphones are becoming more 'affordable' and as people are upgrading they are moving towards bluetooth headphones. That said, it doesn't make it right :smiling-face:
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I couldn't agree more! Please don't let our fruit favoured friends get a chance to say I told you so! Samsung has always been superior to the fruit, please don't let them have the last laugh!!
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I submit technology has to move with the times.

That said I'd prefer to keep the jack too. :smiling-face:

I use Bluetooth In-Ear sets too.

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