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Play all music copied to my Music folder on Galaxy S8


Please excuse my ignorance as I am new to this phone.

I have managed to copy three folders of music to 'My Files / Internal Storage / Music'

Is it possible for me to play all tracks (20+13+12) sequentially?  I can find no means of doing so.



It has been driving me mad trying to get the music player to play songs in order.

I think I have solved it (Samsung s10)

Start a song playing and at the bottom of the screen where the play/pause are located. Just to the right is some short lines and a little note. Click on this and it shows the song list on a different screen with a similar set of lines at the top without the note. Select this and choose 'Custom Order'.

It now plays the songs in order on Playlist/Artists etc.

Thank you so much!  That fixed it and it was so simple! They should make it easier


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