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Pin code not working on galaxy S8

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Suddenly today my pin isnt being accepted. Keeps saying incorrect pin. Tried changing it in settings but it asks for my pin which is then saying is incorrect! Any advice please? Am too worried about restarting etc etc as if it doesnt work I'm locked out and need phone for work. At moment am able to use fingerprint unlock but every now and again will ask for a pin number! Thanks

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I'm having trouble with my phone.

He refuses the pin to unlock.

It only unlocks with fingerprints.

same thing happens with the safe folder code.


Hi Simarcox, I just want to check that your phone did not go back to factory settings after you did this (press power button+volune for 10 secs) and also that it didn't ask for a pin when it rebooted. I'm just concerned that if I do this and it asks for a pin (which doesn't work) that I'm not able to go back in. I don't have another phone that I can use at this time. 


My phone today suddenly didn't accept my fingerprint to log in so didn't have a choice but to try to reset it (press power button+volume for 10 secs) . It did ask for the pin when it rebooted and luckily my old pin worked so I'm happy now. Hopefully doesn't happen again. Thanks @Simarcox for posting the solution to this problem.

Thank you for the post.Life saving


Thank you soo much. It worked with Note 8.

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