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Pie sucks!!

(Topic created on: 01-05-2019 06:13 AM)
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What kind of update is this samsung? This is horrible guys made the phones harder to use now... the split screen is a nightmare to get into... do i say i dare go back to apple?? First Samsung is my s8 now and seriously was considering the s10 but with this operating system im not so sure now. I realy hope you and google fix this fast before your sales suffer... read the posts.. no one like android pie!!!!!! Awfull!!!! I just cant believe google and samsung did this... had such a good streak going to

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Hi @1488 


Not gonna lie: I'm kinda disappointed that a thread about pie posted in the Lounge isn't more about the food than the firmware.


The Community Team has reported back up through the chain on quite a lot of the user sentiment expressed here on Pie/One UI - although you guys submitting your feedback via the Members app is the best, most effective and direct way of letting our software team know your exact thoughts on the firmware and UI.


We have plenty of threads on how much Pie/One UI isn't liked already.  Really no need for another one - especially as multiple threads on the same topic dilutes it from a user activity point of view, and isn't the the best use of the forum mechanics to promote an issue/topic. So I'll close this thread off.