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Photos transferred to laptop from Samsung S8 are upsettingly small

(Topic created on: 29-09-2022 09:25 AM)

...and some won't open at all despite being 'jpg'.


I finally got round to transferring photos from my old Samsung S8. It said that there were around ~6,000 photos, and I chose to delete after transfer, but afterwards there were ~3,000 left. So I transferred again, and it transferred ~2,000 photos, but even though it spent two hours 'deleting', no photos were removed. I have no idea which photos I have backups of and which I don't!!

But even worse, I can't open some of the photos. They're jpg but it says they're unreadable. Some photos are becoming available over time (don't ask me how that makes sense, but the preview photo finally appears and I can click on them), and AGAIN there is a problem. They're a fraction of their previous size! They're around 200 x 400 pixels. Wtf am I supposed to do with photos that size? They're basically ruined. I assume there's nothing I can do to restore the size, unless they're just compressed and I don't know it? Is there anything I can do to fix the ones that still aren't opening?


The rest is just a rant:

I love Samsung, but I have NEVER, not ONCE, been able to transfer my photos with them without pain and heartache. It always leaves behind or loses photos in the process and it drives me crazy. If this new phone has the same problem I will never be back. I didn't painstakingly save and categorise all these photos to have them stolen from me in the transfer process, it's like stealing memories from someone. And I'm SICK of the time I waste and the stress it cause, which is why I procrastinated on backing up these photos for a year in the first place. Sick of it for real. 

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I don't have the S8 but I will just post some of the things I do which might be of interest to you.

1. With the USB cable it should be easy as copy and paste from your DCM folder on your phone to any folder of your choice on your PC.

2. I use Google photos (paid option) and all my photos are backed up there in original format. So regardless how many times I change phones my photos and videos (which I choose are there).

3. Also I am presuming you are using the the best format for shooting your photos in the first place as lower res photos will look good on phones but not so good on large screens like a laptop.

I hope the above helps.
Hi, thanks for your input! I do know about transferring from the DCM folder but I stupidly thought that importing my photos from the device screen was good enough, it's never done this before. Most of the photos were automatically deleted from my phone after importing so it's too late to transfer them that way now. The resolution issue is def a transfer problem as the photos on the laptop are even smaller than my phone screen now! About 1/10 of the size they should be for most of them. However I DO pay for Google photos so will check if they are still there, ty for reminding me!