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Phone update sucks


I've gone from loving my phone to absolutely hating it overnight since new update was installed, who designed it? APPLE? it's shocking, now I get notifications while I'm playing games wich winds me up, is there a way i can turn this of like before as I don't want WhatsApp messages appearing while I'm playing games. the taskbar is the worst though it's on or its just smaller I keep shutting pages by accident. If it's not broke why fix it? everybody has a little winge when a new update drops but this is not things in new places doing new things this is a definite DOWNGRADE and a much less practical phone a phone I now hate 

Yeah, its slightly hidden but it is there :smiling-face:
I'm really not looking the new game launcher menu for discovering more content. It's been redesigned to a plain white screen when swiping up and gives less stats etc. You now have to hunt the stats out for each game. The second screen doesn't even match the game launcher home screen now. Swiping up had a nice, smooth asymmetrical animation. All gone now.

Awful, bland update. Before I thought it was Samsung's best looking app. It's a shame they made it look so awful now.

This is late but ever since the update my contacts have been disappearing. I noticed that it just happened to the ones that I added with the last 6 months or so. It is deleting names, phone numbers, conversations, pictures, ringtones. It's driving me crazy. Help!

Are you in any position to effect a change? The way open apps now minimize side by side instead of cascading for quick search of open apps, the way open apps shut down automatically, the weather app has thi be reset to F everytime I look at the weather, the large void on the message screen, the easy the notes app now opens to what "they" have determined are the notes I want to see instead of opening to the categories list. They have set up things requiring more steps to get to what was a one step process. Are you in any position to change these things back?
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