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Phone has been misplaced by UPS courier on the way to repair centre

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So i encountered a fault with my Galaxy S7 Edge, i was just using my phone as normal when i noticed there were four transparent grey bars on my screen that shrunk and grew when i turned the brightness up and down, i hadn't dropped the phone or anything, the problem just arose out of nowhere.


I contacted Samsung about getting it repaired under warranty, they were very helpful and promptly booked it in for repair. They contacted me to inform me that they were sending out a courier with UPS. Now i have never had any problems with UPS so i wasn't concerned.


When the courier came on the 6th of this month, (Febuary) he knocked on my door and told me he was here to collect the handset, i asked him if it needed to be formatted or anything and he replied, "i don't know i'm just here for the phone." the whole encounter filled me with dread if i'm being honest, as anyone knows a phone is basically an extenstion of yourself, it has all my work information on it, access to various bits of sensitive and sentimental property. Nevertheless i handed him my phone, to which he proceeded to package rather carelessly in front of me, pulled out the necessary paperwork, stuck a postage label on the box, handed me my receipt and off he went. In hindsight the whole situation left me with a certain level of anxiety.


Immediately the next day i checked UPS for the tracking info only to find that it stated the scheduled delivery information was unavailable, i've attached an image for reference. At first i thought nothing of it but yesterday i contacted Samsung and however helpful they were, after they contacted UPS on my behalf to find out the location of my phone, they informed me that UPS had misplaced my package. 


Screenshot 2017-02-10 at 15.32.27.png

 I am now in touch with my contract carrier to get proof of purchase so that Samsung can begin an investigation. In the meantime i just wanted to get as much advice on the matter as possible. It's making my every day life extremely difficult not having any sort of phone. 


Will Samsung provide me with another handset? Will UPS have to give me some kind of compensation because of their neglegence? I've never had this problem before so i'm a bit stuck for info.


Thank you in advance for any information/advice you can give me.




Hi there, SoloxFly.


Can you send either me or one of the other Moderators (KellyM, and JessL will be on tomorrow; I'll be here tonight until 9, and back Sunday) a PM with your name, reference number, email address and contact number so that we can check into this for you?

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The same happened to me. I've been in contact with samsung technical department for two weeks. I thought their process for investigation was wierd. I really hope they give me a phone. They charged me for the repair service and I haven't recieved my phone. 



It's been over a year now since this happened to me. But I remember it pretty well, they did eventually send me a completely new handset but it was an extremely lengthy process. I think in total it must have taken about 5 weeks for me to finally get the ball moving. There was a whole investigation in to the misplaced handset and I got bored of waiting for them to contact me, so I called them directly and they asked me a couple of question, asked me what colour I wanted for the new handset and then sent it for next day delivery. My advice would be don't wait around because it will take a lot longer, be proactive and insistent. 


Hope this helps. 

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