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Petition for galaxy A5/A7 2017 Android Pie update!Samsung is cheating!


A5/A7 2017 were released with an outdated 6.0.1 marshmallow while other phones released at the same time were running nougat.

Samsung claims that it gives A series phones 2 major updates but this was not technically 2 major updates because they were released with an outdated os version an unfair update policy for the A5/A7 2017 users,we consider this cheating!


Phones that were released in the same time as A5/A7 2017 but they were running nougat


LG K10 (2017),LG K8 2017,Huawei P8 Lite (2017),Nokia 6,Honor 8 Lite,LG Aristo,Huawei Mate 9 Pro,OnePlus 3T, HTC U Ultra,Asus Zenfone 3s Max,ZTE Blade V8.

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All 2017 Samsung Galaxy A models should get a stable, clean, light, fluent, functional and soft android pie.

That is a fact.

Absolutely undeniable.

We should be more "aggressive" about this by putting this situation and ourselves out there:


Expose this via YouTube videos.


Contact Samsung more often about this.



Because this just ain't right.

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Why did they just update it with oreo 8.1 ,8 is just not a fit

Hi..when this update happenned and is that you have is A7 or A5 2017 series.


Я не знал что Самсунг так не уважительно относится к своим пользователям, пользуюсь Самсунгом с 2014-2015 года, я купил этот смартфон A5 2017 за 385€ (не дёшево) из магазина в конце 2017 года, а оказывается мой смартфон не будет поддержан даже 2 года, тогда как китайские дешёвые смартфоны которым я никогда не доверял поддерживаются намного большой срок.

Даже Iphone 5 летней давности еще поддерживается, так что, я убеждён что после этого самсунга у меня больше не будет этих Самсунгов, я пойду к другим маркам.


Я очень разочарован Самсунгом, думаю я не один.

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I need most recent update for my A7 /2017

If not we will not consider buying samsung next time cos it's not fair at all



Left my A5 2017. Bought my new Xiaomi mi9 . That's all and i Will not buy a Samsung smartphone Forever. No One Is really Fair,but Samsung Is cheating too much for me. 

P.s. the prices of the new galaxy A Series Is Just beacause of the prices of xiami's smartphone and some huawei's or whatelse. Surely not beacause of their mindset. More probably if not surely, beacause they Just want to stay to the top of the seller's list. That's all


Oh dear, look at the  large amount of 2019 smartphones running android 9 Pie with 3gb of ram!! Are you serious?!? You don't have to get a flagship in order to run Pie. With Just 150€ you can get a smartphone running Pie. But Hey,galaxy A5 has only 3Gb of ram, what i'm asking for?? No words..but you know..

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The main reason I would like an update for my A5 2017 is that Android 8.0 has a bug in it, which causes a huge backlog of notifications pouring in after the do not disturb mode is disabled. Apparently 8.1 fixed this issue. I'm not even bothered whether my phone gets getting 9.0. Just 8.1 would be nice, to at least fix this bug which is affecting a lot of people, and turns the phone into an audio disaster if a lot of notifications overnight whilst DND was active.


Galaxy S7 here.

4GB if RAM.

Stuck with Android 8.0

Could run 9.0


Next time we will buy phones we will exclude Samsung.


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Stop complaining buy a Galaxy A8 2018 she have android pie

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