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Petition for galaxy A5/A7 2017 Android Pie update!Samsung is cheating!


A5/A7 2017 were released with an outdated 6.0.1 marshmallow while other phones released at the same time were running nougat.

Samsung claims that it gives A series phones 2 major updates but this was not technically 2 major updates because they were released with an outdated os version an unfair update policy for the A5/A7 2017 users,we consider this cheating!


Phones that were released in the same time as A5/A7 2017 but they were running nougat


LG K10 (2017),LG K8 2017,Huawei P8 Lite (2017),Nokia 6,Honor 8 Lite,LG Aristo,Huawei Mate 9 Pro,OnePlus 3T, HTC U Ultra,Asus Zenfone 3s Max,ZTE Blade V8.

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Я хочу обновления до 9 андроид


I agree; the a 2017 series should get pie as the j series 2017 are getting it, which are budget phones. The a3 2017 has the j5 2017 CPU but with usb C and ip68, and it is better. Even the a6 will get it but with the a3 2017 CPU.


Hi Nick,


Great efforts!!...I really appreciate your good thoughts and hope that your petition benefits all A5/A7 2017 users soon. All your concerns are true and valid, at least now Samsung should genuinely accept their mistakes and soon think into action for providing the ANDRIOD PIE update with SAMSUNG EXPERIENC 10.0 along with ONE UI.


Awaiting for good news soon on this beginning of this NEW YEAR 2019 & also hoping that days are not far away...Cheers!!




Samsung is cheating. This is marketing guys.  Do you know programmed obsolescence? This is a skill that improve that. The phone was put in the market with android marshmallow 6.0 properly. And for the selling,the phones was sold with nougat 7.0 pre installed. They did that waiting this moment saying" you almost received two up to date, what are you asking for now?" For me,this is the last time. I don't wanna buy another samsung for any reasons. Oh,that's incredible samsung


Please note..that's their cheap tactics to sell new models and making the previous models go obsolete soon. There 2 year promised assistance program should be monthly on 1st 2 years but happens only on quarterly basis only.

So you are forced to buy either flagship phones or should be prepared to buy every year for mid range models due to poor assistance.
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lol Petition for this pupose . you must be loving your phone too much 😉 

Definitely, we love our A7 2017 model phone & me especially and due to which I have bought 3 devices from Dubai for 500 dollars each but today we are not able to get the latest andriod security patches on timely basis and as well there is no update from Samsung Team for enhancing the software/ application.

The price we have spent is not a low amount and and hence we are fighting & requesting all to participate to claim their rights in getting ANDRIOD PIE update with ONE UI along with SAMSUNG EXPERIENCE 10.0 at least.

Genuinely, Samsung should be giving this w/out we claiming for it..and we are ready to wait for it as well but today Samsung Team is not providing any information on the same but we are getting some news that A7 2017 wont have any further update.

Hence this is disappointing for those who invested in Samsung Mobile Devices esp. in A5/ A7 2017 Models.

Hope you will also support us on the same.
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J'attends ce mise à jour impatiemment en fait la plupart des fidèles de cette marque dont je suis un surtout que la version Oreo nn'a pas porté grand chose à mon smartphone vraiment très déçu.. c'est vraiment injuste en espérant que Samsung réfléchit bien avant de priver ces clients de ce mise à jour 

Actually, at this cost we should have got 4gb Ram with 64gb internal storage space & it would have helped us in getting the Android Pie update soon or later but today due to low configuration we are still waiting with no assurance.

But our fight for right will still go on till we get our basic requirement.
Great news ... A7 2017 will recieve ANDROID PIE update ... thanks SAM
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