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Part of screen has a red tint, galaxy s8




I had this problem a while already but kinda gave up searching information and trying stuff out.

Contacted someone from samsung on messenger but he didnt know it aswel.


So lets try again๐Ÿ˜


A while ago i was just watching youtube and suddenly youtube crashed and closed.

Since then there has been a part of the screen just normal white and the other part has a red tint. (Look at photo, top part where the video was playing is normal, under its kinda redish.)


When i take a screenhot and send it to my laptop or friend its just normal.

So its just my screen.


Anyone any idea what this could be?

How can i fix this?


-Happy hollidays!





just fricken go to the store, that's pretty much ur only option since u dont wanna do anything else


What did they replaced ?

Touch digitizer,screen glass or lcd with touchscreen?


Even though my phone was still under warranty and I believe this was a warranty issue, Samsung made me pay for a new screen, which cost me ยฃ208.

I was not best pleased, but they gave me no choice other than to pay for a new screen. ๐Ÿ˜ž 

The phone has been OK since, but I think this is an issue that appears over time.

Samsung blamed me for running the screen too brightly over time?


The warantee replaced the screen, i think whole with electronics part.


They also replaced the battery 


My screen never bright, I dont like the too much light, 

However the issue happened when I was driving and the phone adjust itself to be brightest with full color.


I didnt pay a cent


Screen glass


Just the screen glass

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I had the same problem. My phone was under warranty, so I sent it to be repaired. They fixed the problem. 12 months later the problem came back, but this time I'm out of warranty. So I'm trying to fix it again

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Hi I have the same thing on my phone. In my case it is caused by amoled burn-in. I watch a lot of youtube not in full screen so the video is occupying the top third of the screen and I can see the chat on the bottom 2-thirds which has a white background. This white background has caused burn-in so the bottom 2-thirds now has a slight pink colour the same as you are having.


I used to have this problem. One way to stop this is to turn on dark mode in the youtube settings. The top 1/3 of my screen has actually gone back to normal after a few months of dark mode!

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