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Part of screen has a red tint, galaxy s8




I had this problem a while already but kinda gave up searching information and trying stuff out.

Contacted someone from samsung on messenger but he didnt know it aswel.


So lets try again😁


A while ago i was just watching youtube and suddenly youtube crashed and closed.

Since then there has been a part of the screen just normal white and the other part has a red tint. (Look at photo, top part where the video was playing is normal, under its kinda redish.)


When i take a screenhot and send it to my laptop or friend its just normal.

So its just my screen.


Anyone any idea what this could be?

How can i fix this?


-Happy hollidays!




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Superuser I

Hi @JeffreyV


Can you try the display preference settings. 


Settings - Display - Screen Mode - Use the Cool and Warm slider bar and tap on the advanced options at the bottom of the screen. 


If that does not help then a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre location can run a diagnostic on the phone. 




Tried that already, but nope.

Also started my phone in safe mode but that didnt fix the problem.


What if i factory reset my phone?

I kinda dont want to do that and start all over.

Any ideas?



In my opinion a Factory Reset wont help. 


A Samsung service location or Samsung Experience Store can. 



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I has the exact same issue. Any luck?



Only replies i got where the basic answers with the sliders and that i should go to a store.

On messenger and this forum.


But for me nothing works, not really interested to go to some store aswel also will be travelling soon. 


So no luck yet. 😕


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I'm having same issues. Red square almost in the middle of screen...


Did you find any solution i have the same problem 


Did you find any solution i have the same problem with my phone 


I too have the same problem .

Anybody who went to store, please narrate what they instructed ?

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