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Part of screen has a red tint, galaxy s8

(Topic created on: 15-09-2020 08:53 PM)
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I had this problem a while already but kinda gave up searching information and trying stuff out.

Contacted someone from samsung on messenger but he didnt know it aswel.


So lets try again😁


A while ago i was just watching youtube and suddenly youtube crashed and closed.

Since then there has been a part of the screen just normal white and the other part has a red tint. (Look at photo, top part where the video was playing is normal, under its kinda redish.)


When i take a screenhot and send it to my laptop or friend its just normal.

So its just my screen.


Anyone any idea what this could be?

How can i fix this?


-Happy hollidays!




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1. Go to settings

2. Click on about device

3. Click on Software Info

4. Keep clicking on Buikd Number until Developer Mode is turned on (don't mess with any settings in this mode unless you know what you are doing)

5. Go back to settings and click on Developer Mode or on some phones Developer Options 

6. Click on Stimulate display with cut out and change to tall cut out and change back to default 


If you don't see simulate display try playing around with other display settings in developer mode but make sure you do it one at a time so you know how to reverse it if it doesn't solve your problem. 


This fixed the issue in 10 seconds and hope it solves all your issues too. It's quite sad to see so many people going through so much trouble due to this issue. 

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I am just advising that stop buying from Sam sung and start save your money. It’s not worth that after buying this type costly phone and after spending time for repair and customer care and all stuff. Either go for apple and it’s much easier to replace the phone at home delivery option.