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Part of screen has a red tint, galaxy s8




I had this problem a while already but kinda gave up searching information and trying stuff out.

Contacted someone from samsung on messenger but he didnt know it aswel.


So lets try again😁


A while ago i was just watching youtube and suddenly youtube crashed and closed.

Since then there has been a part of the screen just normal white and the other part has a red tint. (Look at photo, top part where the video was playing is normal, under its kinda redish.)


When i take a screenhot and send it to my laptop or friend its just normal.

So its just my screen.


Anyone any idea what this could be?

How can i fix this?


-Happy hollidays!





This is exactly what is happening to my s8! Exactly how you described it! Samsung needs to fix our phones for free!


Exactly, I am also getting this problem.


Yes, Samsung has to fix this problem free of cost. 


otherwise, it is better to move to the iPhone.


I do not know why Samsung doing this, as I know that Samsung is the company who makes the screen and other components for the iPhone. 


it was completly fixed by replacing the screen parts.


No other issue came back

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Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+. A rectangle part of the screen ( about 70%) has a reddish tint. This $840 phone is 1 year and 1 month old. Is there a Samsung recall? I read a lot about a red tint problem on these phones. This is unbelievable and maybe a class action lawsuit should be in order. Any thoughts?

I too have the same problem AS WELL as having to shake my phone EVERY TIME I want to take a photo, otherwise the picture is blurred.

Remind me again why Samsung is the No 1 seller?

I took the plunge and brought my S9 to the service center on its last month of warranty.

The problem is resolved now because they gave me a new screen. And because the battery is attached to the screen (for space-saving in phone design ???), apparently they gave me a new battery too! So it's like giving my phone a new lease of life!

Process took less than 2 hours from drop in to collection. Phone did need to be factory-reset, and Samsung's Smart Switch is bad at keeping apps and settings, so restoring the phone back to a state I was happy with took some time 😕


Thanks to Samsung coming clean on the issue. Had to send the phone to their Texas center and it was repaired free of charge. Hence, cudos to Samsung

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Apparently we all watch too much utube... and burnt the screen and it needs to be replaced no other options, I will live with it for now. On the plus side if your phone is still under warranty it will be free to fix but without your phone for 2 weeks....


They gave you a new phone based on your warranty?

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Hi everyone, I have some issue, latest action was browser navigation and now always stay with me (red pixels), looks like same issue above, pixels was partial burnt, I guess just changing display will help.

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