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Palm swipe to capture stopped working on galaxy s8 plus

(Topic created on: 19-12-2018 07:22 AM)
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Palm swipe to capture stopped working about a week ago. It's set to on under advanced features but when I go to swipe, it won't take the picture. I have always used plam swipe on my screen without a problem. I assumed I didnt have enough space in my gallery, so, I deleted all my pictures but it still won't work. I also restarted my phone to see if that would help but it still won't do it. I'm not sure why it stopped working.

My phone screen isn't broken but it does have a few scratches and I don't have a protection screen on.

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Scratches on the screen shouldn't affect this feature @Eliygaeta


Try toggling Off the feature in settings and then soft reboot your phone and then toggle the setting back On. 


Personally I found the feature to be hit and miss affair on my previous phone the Samsung Galaxy s8 and opted to use the power button and volume down method. 


I use that method on my Note 9 or use the S Pen option to screen capture. 


A Samsung Service Centre could certainly take a look at it for you. 




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