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Oreo beta program galaxy s8 how do I sign up where and when


I have seen a lot of post on various sites stating that the oreo beta update program starts on the 31st of October, what I want to know is how do I sign up for the program, and where, as these various sites have said you need to go onto the galaxy app store and download the beta up, I've tried this and can not find it anywhere, if anyone has any idea please help.


Thank you in advance 

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I'm with EE and got the update. 

I never buy a phone direct from any network though. 


I have and still nothing there, I got this phone from affordablemobiles website with contract with EE

Should be fine then maybe all the spaces have gone. 


I'm on contract but I brought my phone right out from a shop in town ☺☺☺ it was unlocked when I brought it 

😣 I hope not I really wanted to test it

Go to Samsung members app. Top left side click and then click notices if it's not there it's unlikely you can get it. 


Maybe if u change your firmware to btu it might give u the option


@Macdoom wrote:

As this page is moving fast i thought I would put this up to save you guys from trying to find it in an earlier post . If your on one of the unlocked uk firmwares (BTU Or XEU) this is where you go to on samsung members to register. 20171102_220500.jpg








Then go to setting- update- manual update. It might take a little while to start. 


Some people have decided it's not for them and unregistered so hopeful some space do come up for you guys


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