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Oreo beta program galaxy s8 how do I sign up where and when


I have seen a lot of post on various sites stating that the oreo beta update program starts on the 31st of October, what I want to know is how do I sign up for the program, and where, as these various sites have said you need to go onto the galaxy app store and download the beta up, I've tried this and can not find it anywhere, if anyone has any idea please help.


Thank you in advance 

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I just checked and that is what I have, so iam just Gona leave it before it drives me mad, I'll just have wait a little longer for the official update I guess.  great one samsung what a way to value your customers😬


Hi I am also on three I installed BTU rom now using oreo...:)

I just flashed with Odin to the latest BTU firmware and received the notification straight away, so for others with a phone on Three/other network you won't get the notice unless you flash to unlocked. Was a very straightforward process and doesn't wipe the data, I followed this guide:

Maybe this is a better question, is there anyone using an Irish SIM/network  that's has registered and received the beta?

If you type +#1234# in your device what is your Ap and CSC codes.

So far so good.

The speed seems much faster less laggy.

When I first installed and it went to the encryption part it took about 5/10 mins to actually get passed the lock thing (a bit worrying thought it had crashed) 

New emojis ain't all that as the old ones look the same and new ones look way better quality.

Things seem to be better. 

I didn't charge my phone all night and went out took a lot of photos and videos (including slow motion ones) woke up this morning to 13% battery power 🙂



Only thing I complain about is the Samsung health app has literally stuck the steps I walk to the notification bar.


Check your notices I wasn't notifyed

You won't be. You have to manually go to Samsung members and look for it. 

Is the update still available? Can someone confirm that it's open still or have they closed the books? My phone is still on August patch and no blueborne fix that's EE for ya they are cr**

@DMI88 you could have a look in your notices on the member app and see if u have the message if you do then click it and see 👍👍👍

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