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old pattern lock activated!!

(Topic created on: 24-08-2022 06:20 AM)
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My Samsung S8+ did some really strange things! I bought the phone from a friend of mine a while ago. Since then the phone was factory reset, had multiple android updates and no issues whatsoever. Yesterday I noticed the pattern lock for secure folder was not working anymore. I thought I might forgot it and changed it with no issues. This morning I had a android update pending and decided to go for it. As soon as the phone restarted the lock pattern which i used multiple times a day was not working anymore. I tried to enter several time with no success, was unable to unlock the phone via so I decided to just play with the pattern and I just found one that works! I just called my friend who had sold me the phone and told him the pattern and he confirmed that this in fact is the pattern he used!!!! I am glad I did not had to factory reset my phone and loose any data but how can that even be possible? is it possible that most of the people complaining about the pattern lock not working anymore have the same "issue", "feature" or "bug" (I don't know how to categorize this occurrence)?

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Hi @Members_I1JjFP6 


Well that's certainly a conundrum  !

I've heard of pattern unlocking glitching but then self resolving but not that it has reverted to a previous owners choice of pattern.

A factory reset would have wired all that and I assume the Samsung Account inputted is now your own.

Maybe it's pure coincidence this has happened and is a pure fluke !

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The Samsung account is mine and I totally agree it is very strange. in fact both possibilities are strange, being a fluke that now it matches the previous pattern or actually reverting to the old one