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Ohhh very disappointed

(Topic created on: 29-04-2017 07:09 PM)

-Session ID: 9487217

-Start Time: Apr 29, 2017

-Duration: 16:17 - 17:02

-Name: xxxxx

-E-mail: xxxxxc

-Model(S/N): > SM-G955F

-Agreed with privacy policy:  


xxxxxx16:21:35 Please transfer to previous representative. Phone rebooted at his request. Session ID: 9487052


Emily16:21:36 Welcome to Samsung Support. Please allow me a moment to read through your enquiry. Good afternoon xxxxxx, I hope you are well.


xxxxxx16:24:39 Yes. Can you connect me to the rep i spoke before?


Emily16:25:22 I can't connect you to them but I can carry on from where you left off. Firstly, for data protection purposes can I please take your full address, email address and your contact number?


xxxxxx16:26:29 Ok. So lets go dtraigh to questions. He adked me to boot more to get some information. xxxxxx. xxxxxx xxxxxx. xxxxxx username xxxxxx


Emily16:28:19 Great, thank you. Please bear with me. So what is the problem sorry?


xxxxxx:30:44 Let me explain slowly. Firstly are you familiar with part of firmware called CSC? ? Three UK has CSC :H3G. General UK is BTU or XEU Germany CSC is FOR And so called multi CSC for Europe is OXM Hold on Let me finish


Emily16:34:42 Did you perform the software check sorry? What did it say next to the three headings? That's fine.


xxxxxx 16:36:14 Original CSC was H3G. As usual I flashed official Samsung firmware (that's what testers and community supporters do to be able to help others and report bugs ere. The o e The one I flashed is BTU. BUT IT HAD A MULTI CSC FILE SO my country sales code (CSC) changed to DBT(germany) Splay because it's the first code on the list inside file. There is no option to choose Which CSC I wish to use during flashing. So no option really to go back to either H3G or BTU XEU CSC So now I'm asking. What to do to go back to XEU BTU or H3G. Of course simply I can root the phone but that's not a solution. And there are already many unhappy users ( Some really upset beta testers like me). We expect to get straight forward answer. It's us who sacrificed our s7 edge Samsung's for android 7 beta testing. And now we're stuck with s8 which CSC code IS RUBBISH. By the way info previous rep asked for is as follows.:


Emily16:45:38 Ok, firstly we will need to perform a software check before we can progress.


xxxxxx16:45:58 Pr name sm-g955f


Emily16:46:08 1: Turn the phone off 2: Press and hold Bixby button, Volume Down and Power until the phone vbrates. 3: Press Volume Up 4: Can you please tell me the text that follows the three headings


xxxxxx16:46:15 Curr binary sams official Already did that. So please ask which exact info you need. Got all written down.


Emily16:48:04 Can you please tell me what it says next to System status, Current binary and Knox warranty when you follow the steps I have given?



Current binary : Samsung Official

Warranty void: 0 (0x0000)




Emily16:49:48 Can you tell me what it says next to system status please?


xxxxxx16:50:43 System status ( that's in menu in settings about device( not in download mode)) but it is OFFICIAL Knox status and system status were in older versions of Android.


Emily16:53:57 How did you flash the software? Welcome to Samsung Support. Please allow me a moment to read through your enquiry.


xxxxxx16:55:34 Using pc. 


Emily16:56:03 What program did you use to do this?


xxxxxx16:56:24 ODIN.


Emily16:57:34 Please bear with me.


xxxxxx16:57:50 ODIN 3.12


Emily16:59:17 I can confirm that this is software that is used to root a device. As you have stated that you have used this software to reflash your device it has been rooted. As this is the case we will not be able to assist you any further with this query.


xxxxxx16:59:34 What? Rooted? Are you sure what you're saying?


Emily17:00:34 I have spoken with a colleague and they have also confirmed that your device has been rooted.


xxxxxx17:00:40 Transcript will go onto official Samsung community wen site. Knox 0x0 It's not rooted.


Emily17:02:09 If you would like a second opinion I will advise you to visit a Samsung experience store or service centre


Screenshot of transcript.Screenshot of transcript.





Hey @Leon24xxx

We understand this can be frustrating. There are tests that we can carry out to check whether your phone is rooted or not. 

We would recommend you pop to your nearest Service Centre so you can have one of our engineers take a look at this for you. 

You can locate your nearest Service Centre by clicking here

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