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Note series s pen

(Topic created on: 25-01-2020 06:41 AM)
Anonymous User
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I think the new Galaxy Note series should have new S pen design because it has been the same since ages now, well it does have a clicky button on the top to give a pen type feel and that was something which has been done new for a long time now by Samsung but i think Samsung should make the S pen round like an actual pen and not like a square stick. The feel of writing on the screen has changed significantly it's alot improved but Samsung should make the pen round like an actual pen to give more pen type feel when you hold it.


That is something i would like samsung to do in the very next Galaxy Note model and if this can be done then for God sake Samsung don't save this idea for your some next other Note models to save some small inprovements for the next models.

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A neat idea which i would suggest sending to the Samsung Developers via the Samsung Members App feedback section @Anonymous User 


The s pen has come on leaps and bounds with evermore functionality such as the inclusion of Bluetooth on my Note 10+ 5G S Pen.

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