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Note 8 sounds


My new Note 8 (a replacement for a damaged Note 😎 is driving me nuts with random sounds I can't find a reason for. One of them is a quick chirping sound of an A-G-A above middle C slur: Note 8 chirpNote 8 chirp

 Another is a C-A-G: Another Note 8 chirpAnother Note 8 chirp

 Is there a comprehensive database of device sounds anywhere where these could be looked up?

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This must the best description of a problem I have ever seen. Thank you for making my day. +1

For the random sounds: this might be notification reminder. Go to settings >Accessibility > Notification Reminder >Turn Off. If not you can try booting your phone up in SAFE mode and see if the sounds still occurs if not then it is 3rd party app which is the culprit.

:white-medium-star:Never gonna give you up!:white-medium-star:

I'm happy to make your day :). I first thought it was a notification indicator, but there is never a notification following a chirp. I think it may have something to do with WiFi - the chirps come mostly when I'm moving around - but again, there's nothing to confirm that. But I will try your suggestion; thanks.


Update: Still chirps with all app notifications off. Next step: restarting in safe mode.

Update: Chirps are still there in Safe Mode; not sure what that means, but it looks like the chirps ARE built in by someone, but I'm not sure how safe Safe Mode is -- who do I blame -- Android, Google, Samsung, or Verizon. Any bets?

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