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NOTE 8 Screen washed out

(Topic created on: 19-09-2019 05:45 PM)


I bought my NOTE 8 one moth ago.
And yesterday my screen seemed to have broken...
It just happened while I was on the screen, there was no drop or hit.

The screen went green, lost all color and contrast, it seems almost like white with some green color.
I've tried everything. Cache partition wipe, factory reset, etc. Nothing works.

The strange thing is that the Always On screen works like always, screen is fine. But when I wake up the phone it goes green again.

It happened few days after I updated from android 8 to android 9.
Any idea how to fix it?



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A factory reset is pretty much as far as you can go with trying to resolve an issue @-Zaka- 


This isn't probably the issue but can you remove any theme or 3rd party launcher etc you maybe using and put the phone in Safe Mode which disables any downloaded apps and leaves the stock ones working to see if this helps.


That said from your photos it looks hardware based issues. However I'm not an authorised engineer.  :smiling-face:


My advice is to seek support from a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre who will run a diagnostic test as long as the phone hasn't had a drop or the water sensors have been tripped or the phone rooted.



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Yes it seems like an hardware issue. Even in recovery mode and start up the screen is green.


Oddly enough, this morning while the alarm clock was ringging the screen suddlen returned to normal...

I guess it will happen again and it will change to green, maybe a conection or something is loose...

Hi, Mate!

If there's an issue with the display and you would like to know if it is a hardware issue or software. Please do a service test or hardware test in your phone.

To run a service test on your device.
1. From the phone dialler, enter *#0*#.
2. Select RED, and then tap the screen.
3. Select GREEN, and then tap the screen.
4. Select BLUE, and then tap the screen.
5. Select BLACK, and then tap the screen.

If it stuck and you're unable to exit, please restart your phone by holding the power + volume down button for 6 seconds.
If issue still persist in colors, please perform reset (since you already performed the reset and issue still persist, it means that the issue is on the hardware)

Resolution would be is to have the device inspected and repaired by Samsung engineers.

Thank you!
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i m using note8 frm last 2 years it was working very very good but suddnly i notice that watching the movie and when it comes the night scenes in movie dark colours washes out i m unable to see anything.. 


 as u can see in this screenshot .. so anyone have any idea please share it with me. thanks



Where you able to fix it?

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I have a very similar problem on a Galaxy Note 9. The phone has been fine for months then all of a sudden it has become very temperamental. It gets a green tinge that gets stronger and stronger and the touch screen stops and the only thing I can do is wait for it to be okay again which sometimes takes seconds and often takes minutes. I've done a factory reset and safe mode but that didnt help.

I've researched it and  it seems a very common problem no-one seems to have an answer - lots of "try this and try that" and I've tried them all but why isnt Samsung saying "we know what sort of problem this is and this is the fix for it".

I contacted Samsung support and the options were get a new phone or get a new screen - and by the way the cost of the fix is about the same as the value of the phone.  I find it quite disgraceful really - maybe I shouldn't expect Samsung to know the issue without seeing the phone itself but why can no-one give useful information. Given the phone is fine some of the time then replacing the screen just seems excessive to me - especially when I am the one paying for it. It seems Samsung has just washed their hands of the problem. I've been a Samsung customer for years but on reflection each time I have replaced my Samsung phone it is because I have had to due to a fault. 


Samsung - if you want to get to the bottom of this issue I am happy to provide you with a phone for your investigation.