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Note 8 Rear camera glass cracked

(Topic created on: 20-12-2018 04:28 AM)
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So I have been a loyal Samsung customer for many years. I have Samsung Refrigerator, TVs and have always had Samsung Mobile Phones. I currently have a Note 8 (N950F). I noticed today that the back camera glass is cracked. I know the phone was not dropped or had any physical damage done to it. So I looked on the Samsung support site and saw that there are hundreds of people that have had the exact same thing happen. This is clearly a MANUFACTURER defect.

I called Samsung support and explained the situation and first they said that this is the first time this issue has been reported to Samsung. I pointed them to you own support site and then they acknowledged that this is a wider issue. Then they told me that I would need to send my phone in to be "assessed" and they would determine if it could be repaired under warranty...

When I explained I could not be without a phone they said there was nothing I could do. I asked for a case number and the employee's number. I then asked to speak with a supervisor. My call was promptly disconnected so I called back and explained the whole thing again and asked for a supervisor. I finally was connected with a supervisor and I got their employee number.

I offered to drive 2 hours to get to the Melbourne repair center to get this fixed and the supervisor informed me that there was no guarantee that the center would repair it under warranty... if not it would cost $200.


I am so disappointed in Samsung and the chances that I will ever buy another Samsung product is very slim.

So Samsung lost a lifelong customer for a $4.50 part (from Amazon) and a 10 min repair job.... WELL DONE SAMSUNG!!!!

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Hi @NYinOZ


I've seen other posts concerning this too and I fully sympathise with your predicament. 


Sadly proving accidental damage was not the case here is near impossible to prove and would be entirely at a goodwill gesture by Samsung to remedy this free gratis. 


In the UK we have a Consumer Rights Act 2015 which can be used for support. Maybe you have something similar where you reside. 


I choose to own a back up phone incase my daily driver needs to ever be sent away. Also family and friends may have a spare phone while yours is away ?


We also have bricks and mortar Samsung Experience Stores in the UK which I find much better to visit than send off my phone. 


Anyone sending off their phone i would advise to take Time and Date Stamped pictures of the phone with one of it turned On and if possible one of the water indicator usually found in the sim card slot. 


It's reasonable for Samsung to want to look over the phone to assess it. 


Alternatives could be HouseHold Contents Insurance and in the UK some Bank Accounts provide mobile phone cover as a perk of the account. 


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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I've had my Note 8 for about a year.   It's been sent off to Samsung once to fix screen burn-in. About two weeks after starting using it again I notice my back camera is completely shattered in a perfect circle around the lens.  Exactly like many of the pictures people are posting. Never been dropped no impact. Never around sharp or hard objects in my pocket. Clearly this is a manufacturer's defect. Samsung is charging me $70 to send it in and fix it which is reasonable. I just hope the fix is with better glass and it doesn't happen again.Never dropped.  Defective camera glassNever dropped. Defective camera glass