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Note 8 iris scanner issues

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My note 8 iris scanner won't even try it goes to the register screen the set of eyes pop up the red light blinks for a split second and instantly goes to the pin unlock screen...the front camera never even turns on...

 I went to the actual camera app and the front cam works without out any issue...

Iv tried all different distances all different lighting, glasses, contacts, bare, wide eyed, relaxed, different angles it's always the same it won't even try to read my iris haven't tried with anybody else's tho...

Any helpful replies would be greatly appreciated...


My phone was working fine with oreo for the last couple weeks. Yesterday the unlock failed with the iris scanner then I realised, when I discarded the iris data, I could not reregister it. I factory reset the phone but that did not help.


The percentage on registering either stays on 0% or goes up to 21% or 33% or 58% before it times out.

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Yes I'm also having this problem...this is very big problem .......some of my friends having this problem too....


I bought the phone on 31 december 2017 and Samsung agreed that it is a manufacturing fault and i had to fight back because they were trying to give me another note8 and Samsung did not meet my requirements, so i argued and finally they came to a decision to return my money(only the phone not case and tempered glass etc) 

so i got my money back. U should contact the seller and samsung agents and get another phone or exchange yours to a brand new one, make sure u get a new warranty 

hope this works and please note that there are no software fixes to this issue, u HAVE to change your phone as soon as possible 

Best regards machn


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