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Note 8 Gallery: Can't use sticker function for putting an image on image


I used to be able to stack pictures(put an image on another image) in photo editor pro through Gallery app before the Pie update.
That option still lives for those, who's Gallery app functions properly. The Date Stamps and Shapes sticker is supposed to allow this function, but on most Note 8 devices, this is broken.


The Date Stamps and Shapes sticker does not show up, so we cannot stack images. I just got an update for my Gallery app from the Galaxy store, still NOT FIXED. Samsung PLEASE FIX THIS. I need this function daily for my work!!!

Ironically it works fine on my coworkers S8, which is a CHEAPER DEVICE!

Bravo. Bravisimo. Genius !

@juancl wrote:

I could fix it in my wifes phone. 

Click the three pints menu in the  superior corner right. It is important you do it while you have the options to edit the picture.

Click on About Photo Editor

In the superior right corner, you will see an "i",open it.

Open "Memory"

Open "Storage"

Erase Data and Cache. It will not erase any photo in your gallery.

After that you will be able to add pictures to another pictures.

if ypu have any doubt write me to gastosjuancatgmaildotcom

You absolute legend! Thank you


I was hoping this would work on my s8+ but it was a no go. 

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