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Not Registered On Network - After Screen Replacement

(Topic created on: 16/01/18 15:18)
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I am begging someone with techinical knowledge to help me out here.


I smashed my screen, I replaced said screen and everything worked fine. The screen came a little loose at the top so I took it apart and added stronger adhesive strips to hold it down. Upon assembling the phone I can now no longer make/receive calls.


I have full signal but no data usage, I try and make a call and it says 'Not Registered On Network'


Now I have tried every single solution to this found online such as:


Factory reset

Airplane mode on/off

Hard reset/Clear Cache

Manual APN settings

Sim in another phone

New sim in the Samsung s7

Going to phone shop

Speaking with carrier (who refuse to help me becausae I replaced screen myself)


Now what I have not tried is routing the phone or getting it unlocked to see if it works on another carrier.


I am begging for help, this £300 phone is useless and all I did was replace the screen. The steps to re assmeble have been followed to the exact instruction and I am pretty well versed with the technical aspect. I just can't believe it will not work and I am struggling to see what I could have done or not done that was different to the first time I re assmbeld it, when it worked fine.


Thanks in advance



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Superuser I
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Hi @Highlander457


You may have inadvertently damaged something inside. 


Unfortunatley as you've voided the Manufacturing Warranty your going to find it difficult in getting the Network or Samsung to take it on. 


Another option would be to visit a Highstreet Repair Store and ask them to take a look. 



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